Spoiler Policy

After much internal debate, I’ve decided to include FULL spoilers in every review report that I write on this website. I know that some people don’t think these types of posts should contain spoilers, but I find that I cannot adequately discuss what I liked/disliked about a story without bringing up the twists and the ending.

Furthermore, upon reading a few reviews I wrote a couple years ago on one of my other sites, I discovered that I didn’t truly remember some of the books — and couldn’t get answers to specific questions I had because I didn’t include spoilers in my original posts!

So instead of being left to wonder who ended up with whom at the end of a love story or the identity of the killer in a whodunit, I’m just going to spell everything out.

The bottom line here is this blog is a chronicle of my own reading history. In other words, it’s more for me than for you, so I’m going to write about all the details I feel are important to the story — spoilers included.

— Fervent Reader