Wild & Weird History of the Electric Guitar

March 24, 2016

I was browsing through some book recommendations on GoodReads today and for some reason The Wild & Weird History of the Electric Guitar came up in my feed. I have no idea why, since I rarely read anything to do with music. Still, I was a bit curious, so I went and checked the book […]


The Guitar Amp Handbook

May 9, 2015

My cousin is getting better and better at guitar, mostly just from putting in the practice time. But now he’s also interested in learning the whys and wherefores behind what he’s doing, so I’m thinking of getting him a book like this one. It covers a variety of topics related to guitars, amps, and other […]


Home Audio Systems

September 7, 2014

Musicians know all about audio systems, right? Well, that’s what I’ve always assumed, at any rate. So when a musician friend recommends a particular speaker system or brand (in this case, virtually anything from Cerwin-Vega) one should listen. That’s what I keep trying to tell my cousin, but he insists on checking everything out for […]


The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

August 2, 2013

If you’re interested in becoming a recording engineer, then this book looks like it would be a lot of help. It’s called The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook and is by Bobby Owsinski, who has a lot of music-related books published under his name. The book has received lots of positive reviews, and currently boasts a 4.5 […]


Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference

November 15, 2012

I was looking at some guitars by Martin Dreadnought at Musicians friend, and was intrigued enough by the numerous 5-star reviews to want to do more research into this product. I then learned that there are several books about these guitars, and that they’re kind of a standard choice for folk singers and bluegrass musicians. […]


73 Ways to Describe a Widget by Marcia Yudkin

June 13, 2011

I have been doing some copywriting work recently, and am often left sitting and staring at my computer monitor as I try to come up with yet another way to talk about a certain product for the sixth article in a row. This frustration led me to search for some copywriting help in the form […]


Maritime Law

April 24, 2010

My stepfather is an attorney, so his study is full of law books. I like to browse through them once in a while, mostly because I used to be interested in the law when I was in college. I recently came across a book called Cases and Materials in Maritime Law, which sounded a bit […]


Credit Repair for Dummies

March 26, 2010

I was just talking to my brother the other day, and as usual, he was complaining about the state of his finances. He is practically broke even though he has a very good job, and it’s all because he doesn’t know how to manage his money. He has racked up a ton of credit card […]


Frommer’s San Diego 2009

March 20, 2009

My family took a vacation to San Diego in 2005, and we absolutely loved the area. In fact, we’re thinking of perhaps going back there again this summer because our last trip was so rushed that we didn’t get to do everything that we wanted to do. I was having a look through my old […]


Complete Price Guide to Watches

March 11, 2009

My uncle is something of a watch collector. He just started on this hobby recently, like within the past three years or so, but already has a number of timepieces in his collection. He prefers classic pocket watches most of all, but occasionally has been known to splurge on pricier name-brand wristwatches as well. His […]