Sax musician Johnny Hodges

May 16, 2016

I came across an online profile of sax player Johnny Hodges the other day that I found to be extremely interesting. I don’t often read about musicians, but got caught up in a link chain that ultimately led to his bio. Apparently, Johnny was so good that Duke Ellington called him “irreplaceable”. Talk about a major compliment!

I then listened to some samples of his music and have to admit that I kind of liked what I heard. I even checked out a few alto saxs at on a whim — though there’s no way I’m picking up an instrument this late in the game. Maybe one of my kids will be interested someday!

At any rate, I think the least I can do is order a Johnny Hodges album. So I’ll either get a Greatest Hits compilation or figure out which ones the jazz experts deem best and go from there.

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