Patriotic jewelry

March 21, 2016

white gold flag pin In a presidential election year, people seem more inclined to show their patriotism than in other years. For example, I see so many different American flag lapel pins and military service cuff links or tie pins that it makes me feel odd not having similar pieces of my own.

I actually started searching for nice ones and found a lot of options at a site called Joy Jewelers. The selection of Joy Jewelers military jewelry and patriotic jewelry is great, and the prices are good too. I really, really like the 14k white gold American flag lapel pin pictured here, and will absolutely order it when I’m done paying off some more pressing bills. Also, there are a couple of other pieces that would be perfect as gifts for my friends that have served in the military, so I’m bookmarking the site and will go back for birthdays and holidays.

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