Teach Yourself to Play Electronic Keyboard

September 13, 2012

I used to take piano lessons a long time ago, and am now thinking about getting into it again. But instead of buying a full-sized piano, I’m going to start with an electronic keyboard, which is both more manageable and more affordable. I’ve seen plenty of good deals on splendid keyboards and accessories, so I’m sure I can find something in my budget range whenever I’m ready to buy.

To go along with the keyboard, I want to get a book to help refresh my musical memory. This one, called Teach Yourself to Play Electronic Keyboard by Palmer, Palmer, & Malus looks pretty good. It should help me at least reestablish my foundation before I decide whether to pay for lessons or not.

I’m looking to buy both a keyboard and this book within the next month, so look for a more extensive review pretty soon!

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