Tales from the Greek Legends by Edward Ferrie

September 8, 2012

Summary (from the publisher): The great myths of Ancient Greece have inspired mankind for centuries. Each of the heroes has to undergo trials of strength and courage to prove his valour against a host of monsters – the Minotaur, half man, half bull; Hydra, the many-headed serpent; Medusa the Gorgon. Meanwhile, the gods, lead by Zeus the Thunderer from his seat on Mount Olympus, watch, encourage, help – and sometimes hinder. In this new retelling, the Tales come alive more vividly than ever with the added drama of popular music by Holst, Wagner and others.


  • The myths about Heracles’ Labors and Jason and the Argonauts were incredibly detailed and interesting.
  • The reader of the audiobook version was pretty good and added some life to the tales.
  • The soundtrack was used rather effectively as well.


  • I was really hoping for a more comprehensive volume of myths here. I guess since this book is aimed at younger readers, the author had to keep things short and sweet.
  • It would have been nice to include at least one or two lesser-known stories instead of only popular ones involving Heracles, Perseus, Jason, etc. But again, the author probably had very strict parameters in mind from the outset.


Tales from the Greek Legends would be a good introductory book for kids who don’t know any mythology at all. But for older readers hoping to brush up on long-forgotten stories, it’s a bit lacking. I realize I’m not the target audience here, so this rating might be a tad unfair, but I give the book 3 stars out of 5.

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