Kindle Fire?

August 19, 2012

I’m currently debating whether or not I should get a Kindle Fire. I currently have a Kindle Keyboard and an iPad, and am wondering if the Fire would end up being a perfect combination of both devices.

On the plus side for the Kindle Keyboard is the E-Ink technology and the fact that the device doesn’t use any backlighting. This really saves my eyes, especially when I want to settle in with a book for a good, long time. And, E-Ink is perfectly readable outdoors, with no glare whatsoever.

On the plus side for the iPad is that it’s awesome for reading larger or full-color books. By larger books, I mean something like the “For Dummies” or “Complete Idiot’s Guide” series, which have more info on a single page than a standard book. By full-color books, I primarily mean children’s books that benefit from accompanying illustrations.

The Kindle Fire is more similar to the iPad than to a Kindle Keyboard, but is smaller and seems like it would be more comfortable to hold or easier to stuff into my Gregory Z55 when I go out for a hike. The only thing that’s preventing me from placing my order right now is that it has a backlit screen, which will almost certainly lead to eyestrain for me. I don’t really care about the web browsing or video playing abilities, as I have my iPad for that.

Anyway, I have to keep thinking this one over. The Kindle Fire is $199, which isn’t too expensive (my 1st Gen Kindle was almost $200 more than that!!!), but isn’t anything to sneeze at either. If anyone has any input about the Kindle Fire, I’d love to hear it!

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