High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton by Ann Coulter

July 25, 2012

Synopsis (from the publisher): The book that started it all! Ann Coulter’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton . Written with Coulter’s trademark irreverent wit, the bestselling High Crimes and Misdemeanors is available for the first time in paperback. Readers of Ann Coulter’s bestselling Slander will love High Crimes and Misdemeanors . In this New York Times bestseller, Coulter mercilessly pillories Clinton and examines the abuses and excesses of Bill Clinton point by point. She also shreds every conceivable defense the Clintons to bits as she probes the major Clinton scandals, including Monica, Filegate, the China connection, the travel office snafu, and the fundraising fiascos. And Coulter does it all in her own inimitable style.


  • I liked the historical context Coulter gave for the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” and how she explained that it has always referred to conduct rather than actual “crimes”. She gave plenty of examples of other impeachments for bad conduct, and made a rather convincing argument against Clinton.
  • Back when Clinton was in office, I was a college student and was too busy partying to pay attention to what was happening in the White House. Sure, I read the headlines and heard about the bigger scandals, but I never read about them in depth. Reading about such recent events was fascinating.
  • Coulter did a good job of providing sufficient details about each of the scandals without getting totally bogged down in minutiae. Upon finishing this book, I felt I had a good grasp about what happened during the Clinton years.
  • This was a quick read and was pretty entertaining in places (provided you’re not a Clinton fan, that is). I enjoyed it.
  • The book was well researched and footnoted. Readers might not agree with 100% of Coulter’s opinions or analysis, but at least they’ll be able to find the basis for her arguments.


  • This book was incredibly repetitive in many places. I can usually stomach a little bit of repetition when the author is aiming for emphasis, but Coulter went way overboard — to the point where I was almost turned off completely at times.
  • It has been 14 years since the Clinton administration ended. I think that’s long enough to look back on those years with some historical perspective. A new chapter or epilogue from Coulter would be a welcome addition to the book.


I’m not a knee-jerk Ann Coulter fan. I’ve liked some of her books and hated others. High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton falls on the “like” side. This was a fascinating look into one of the most scandal-ridden administrations in history, and makes me wonder how this guy got reelected. At least his name is etched in history as one of only two U.S. presidents ever to have been impeached. Anyway, if you weren’t paying attention to the news during the ’90s, then this is a good primer on Clinton’s White House misdeeds. I give the book 4 stars out of 5.

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