Coupons for books?

August 7, 2011

I’ve often wondered why there aren’t many coupon codes and so forth for the purchase of books. Sure, I know there are several online “superstores” that sell books for less than the publisher’s suggested price, but that’s not exactly the same thing. Not being able to find coupons for books is especially troubling now that e-books are so popular. The e-book price is often higher than the real paperback price, so getting any kind of savings on that format would be welcome.

Someone should definitely start a coupon site for books! I mean, they have these sites for clothes, right? For example, if I want to find wet seal coupons, all I have to do is type a few keywords into Google and I’m in business. I can click right through to a site that has tons of relevant coupons for Wet Seal apparel that I can buy for my younger cousins. The coupons are easy to use, don’t require me to sign up for anything, and best of all, yield real savings. That’s the kind of convenience that online shoppers have come to expect these days, and I can tell you that I truly appreciate the discounts.

Now… when is this going to happen for books?

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