Questions and Answers on Life Insurance

July 11, 2011

My husband and I are thinking about revamping our life insurance policies, but we’re not really sure what to do. Obviously, talking to our agent about the different options available to us would probably be the easiest course of action. However, we’re worried that we would just get a sales pitch from him rather than solid information and legitimate choices.

So now we’re thinking about buying a book or two about life insurance. This one called Questions and Answers on Life Insurance by Tony Steuer is highly rated, so that’s one possibility. There are plenty of others out there as well.

Or, we could always just look at websites such as for the info we need. The benefit of using a website is that we can get instant quotes and easily compare rates between companies, too.

This is all so confusing! But life insurance is a big issue because we have a young child and want to make sure that he’s well taken care of should anything ever happen to us.

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