Too Much Money by Dominick Dunne

June 28, 2011

Plot summary (from the publisher): The last two years have been monstrously unpleasant for high-society journalist Gus Bailey. His propensity for gossip has finally gotten him into trouble — $11 million worth. His problems begin when he falls hook, line, and sinker for a fake story from an unreliable source and repeats it on a […]


Alexander the Great by Norman F. Cantor

June 25, 2011

Summary (from the publisher): “Alexander’s behavior was conditioned along certain lines — heroism, courage, strength, superstition, bisexuality, intoxication, cruelty. He bestrode Europe and Asia like a supernatural figure.” In this succinct portrait of Alexander the Great, distinguished scholar and historian Norman Cantor illuminates the personal life and military conquests of this most legendary of men. […]


NY Times Bestsellers 62011

June 20, 2011

Here are the current New York Times bestsellers in a handful of the more popular categories. Combined Print & E-book Fiction: 1. THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett 2. HIT LIST, by Laurell K. Hamilton 3. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, by Sara Gruen 4. STATE OF WONDER, by Ann Patchett 5. THE KINGDOM, by Clive Cussler with […]


At Bertram’s Hotel by Agatha Christie

June 17, 2011

Plot summary (from the publisher): An old-fashioned London hotel is not quite as reputable as it makes out to be.… When Miss Marple comes up from the country for a holiday in London, she finds what she’s looking for at Bertram’s Hotel: traditional decor, impeccable service, and an unmistakable atmosphere of danger behind the highly […]


The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

June 16, 2011

Plot summary (from the publisher): After thirty years, Wilson Lewis is forced to face a painful truth: the romance has gone out of his marriage. His wife, Jane, has fallen out of love with him, and it is entirely his fault. Despite the shining example of his in-laws, Noah and Allie Calhoun, and their fifty-year […]


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Commemorative Pop-Up

June 15, 2011

Product description (from the publisher): A phenomenal pop-up celebration of The Wizard of Oz’s 100th Anniversary! This deluxe pop-up of L. Frank Baum’s timeless classic is an Oz-lover’s dream! The amazing paper engineering and special effects include a twisting cyclone, a wizard’s balloon that sails into the sky, and holographic foil for the Emerald City […]


73 Ways to Describe a Widget by Marcia Yudkin

June 13, 2011

I have been doing some copywriting work recently, and am often left sitting and staring at my computer monitor as I try to come up with yet another way to talk about a certain product for the sixth article in a row. This frustration led me to search for some copywriting help in the form […]


Pinheads and Patriots by Bill O’Reilly

June 10, 2011

Summary (from the publisher): When Bill O’Reilly interviewed then-Senator Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential elections, the two had a lively debate about the nation’s future. Since that time, America has changed rapidly some would even say seismically. And many believe these shifts are doing more than just rocking the political and social climate; they’re […]


A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

June 7, 2011

Plot summary (from the publisher): Stricken with arthritis, Miss Jane Marple has packed herself off, at the insistence of her nephew, for some rest and relaxation at a resort in the Caribbean. The sea is sublime and the weather is fine in this quiet paradise so far away from bustling St. Mary Mead. But suddenly […]


Palin tell-all flops

June 4, 2011

The Sarah Palin tell-all book written by a former aide is officially a flop. Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin by Frank Bailey was supposed to expose all the deep, dark secrets of the Palin propaganda machine, but apparently there wasn’t much dirt to dish. From the few reviews I’ve read, the most damning thing Bailey […]