Treason by Ann Coulter

January 28, 2011

Summary: Treason by Ann Coulter is subtitled “Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism”, and in it the conservative columnist vents her spleen about how Democrats never seem to “root for America”. She begins by talking about Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss, and how the Democrats flatly denied that Hiss was a Soviet agent or that there were dozens (perhaps hundreds) of other agents in high-ranking government positions during various Democratic presidencies, including FDR and Truman. The evidence bears this out, Coulter claims, and that’s why the “Red Scare” wasn’t an empty phrase drummed up by conservatives.

From there, Coulter moves on to talking — at great length — about Senator Joseph McCarthy and how he has gotten a bad rap from the press and historians. Indeed, Coulter says that Joe McCarthy was right about nearly everything, including the pervasive presence of communist agents all over America. Coulter further points out that the Hollywood blacklisting incident, which is almost always hung on McCarthy, was actually the result of the House Un-American Activities Committee. Since McCarthy was a Senator, he had nothing to do with the House committee.

Coulter wraps up by talking about post-9/11 events, such as the war on terror and how Democrats went round and round with then-President Bush. First they said he wasn’t doing enough to safeguard the country, then every time he tried to enact new security measures, liberals cried about how Bush was taking away civil liberties, trying to ok racial profiling, etc.

The pattern is clear to Coulter. No matter what the issue, liberals can be counted on to come out on the side against the United States, sympathizing with the enemy — be the communist agents or Muslim terrorists — rather than with Americans. This has been going on since FDR’s time, and is not likely to change.


  • Coulter has some good lines in this one. I particularly liked how she characterized a Hollywood producer by saying, “Bing not only has donated millions of dollars to the Democratic Party but also actively supports the Democrat lifestyle by fathering illegitimate children.” Ha!
  • I don’t know how accurate it was, but I enjoyed the information about McCarthy. Yes, he has always been portrayed as a bad guy, and “McCarthyism” immediately conjures up negative images of unnecessary oppression. But if what Coulter says here is right, then McCarthy does deserve another look by historians.


  • I usually enjoy Coulter’s books even if I don’t buy into her philosophy 100 percent. But this one was so tedious and tiresome that I could barely finish it. It seemed like she kept on repeating herself and dragging out arguments for 10 pages longer than necessary. I tuned out well before the end, and merely skimmed the last several chapters.
  • Coulter appears to be a one-trick pony. All she does is take an issue, present the liberal viewpoint, and then pull out a few quotes from columnists that she proceeds to shoot down, sometimes with logic, sometimes just with ad hominem insults.


Treason is the least appealing Ann Coulter book I’ve read to date. The items I listed in the Dislike section say it all: it was too long, too repetitive, and too formulaic all the way through. I give this book 2 stars out of 5.

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  1. I have read every one of her books. I enjoyed this one, and have since read Whitaker Chambers book Witness. Witness is a very powerful book. If you enjoyed the information on McCarthy, you should really read Witness.

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