Stupid Christmas by Leland Gregory

December 14, 2010

Summary: Stupid Christmas is filled with short anecdotes culled from news stories and other sources about dumb things people have done around Christmastime. Most of the anecdotes involve drunk people acting stupid in Santa suits or criminals acting stupid in Santa suits. (Seriously, how many people have tried robbing houses by climbing down the chimney??? Do they think that by putting on a Santa suit they’ll magically be able to fit? Would they try to chimney route on, say, June 25, or do they just limit those attempts to December 25?) Each anecdote is only a paragraph or two long, making this an extremely quick read.


  • This is the kind of book that makes me think I too can publish without ever leaving my desk. All the research in this one can be done entirely online, so why not??


  • The anecdotes became extremely repetitive after a while. There were so many of the same basic story, with slightly different details. Yes, mall Santas are weird and get fired for odd reasons and have strange encounters with customers. Yes, criminals are usually stupid. Yes, when you drink, you’re liable to do dumb things like try to reenact William Tell’s apple shooting feat. These were fun for a while, but then got boring pretty fast.
  • Because I got the Kindle edition, I couldn’t even tear this book up when I was done and use the pages to make recycled Christmas cards. Oh, well… at least I got the book for free and didn’t waste any money on it!


I like reading about dumb folks as much as the next person, but Stupid Christmas by Leland Gregory fails because of its focus on Christmas. By limiting himself like this, the author dooms the book to boring stories that become too repetitive. Even though this was a free title, I recommend skipping it and give the book just 1 star out of 5.

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