White Christmas by Tricia Foley

October 28, 2010

I usually don’t go all out with Christmas decorations at my house. I put up a tree, of course, but that’s about it. This year, however, I want to try to do a bit more. I’m not about to go overboard and litter my roof and yard with mechanical snowmen and reindeer, though. I want to keep things tasteful, which is why I’ll probably check out a book like White Christmas by Tricia Foley. The library ought to have a copy, so I won’t even have to buy it.

Anyway, I want a book that will give me tips on how best to use C9 led christmas lights and various other decorations to give my home a nice touch of holiday spirit without earning complaints from the homeowners association.

It’s been a tough year for my family in many ways, so I want to end 2010 on a good note with a very nice, festive Christmas. Hopefully my plans work out!

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