500 Beauty Tips for Teens

September 18, 2010

A friend’s daughter just started junior high school this year, and according to my friend, is already asking about makeup and such. I remember how my friends and I went through a similar phase when we were that age. None of our parents would let us wear makeup, though, so we’d all sneak it to school in our bags, meet up in the bathroom in the morning, and help each other apply it. Eww, the thought of sharing all that makeup is kinda gross to think about, but we survived!

Anyway, I’m going over to this friend’s house soon, and was wondering if it would be appropriate to bring a small gift, like this book from Seventeen called 500 Beauty Tips for Teens. As you can imagine, it’s geared towards the younger set, so there aren’t any recommendations for what to do about wrinkles or dark circles under eyes. Instead, there are tips for what kind of makeup style to use when going to casual parties, formal dances, or even just to school on a regular day.

I personally would have loved having something like this to thumb through when I was a teen, but today’s kids have the Internet at their fingertips. Would the girl be embarrassed about me bringing something like this? Would she rather just get her information in private by searching online?

Yeah… maybe I better just butt out!

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