Happy Birthday, Agatha Christie!

September 15, 2010

I was fooling around on Google earlier this morning, mostly looking for epiduo reviews to see if that stuff would work for my skin, when I came across a blurb stating that today would have been Agatha Christie’s 120th birthday. To honor the occasion, Google.co.uk has this awesome Christie tribute doodle on their homepage. One of the o’s seems to have been done in. Fortunately, Hercule Poirot — the G, if you couldn’t tell — is on the case. No doubt the culprit will be brought to justice soon!

Anyway, as you know from reading this blog, I love Agatha Christie and am continuing to work my way through her novels. I’m on The Mirror Crack’d right now and am enjoying it thus far. Can’t wait for Miss Marple to lay the solution on me!

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