Conservative Victory by Sean Hannity

June 25, 2010

Summary: In this 2010 book, conservative news analyst Sean Hannity sets out his ideas for how the Republican party can overcome President Barack Obama’s radical agenda and regain control of the country. Doing this requires that the Republicans stand firm on such issues as national defense, fiscal policy, and a limited role for the federal government.

The book starts out by outlining Obama’s pedigree as a radical. Hannity spends considerable time talking about various Obama associates and appointees, all of whom are extremely liberal and/or radical. He then talks about some of the campaign promises Obama has broken (for example, saying there would be more transparency in his administration, but then not being up front with things like the health care bill), and complains about some of the legislation that has passed already.

Next, Hannity relives the conservatives’ glory days by talking about the Reagan administration and all the positive changes Reagan was able to usher in. Hannity also talks about the Repubs’ 1994 Contract with America that led to widespread election wins, and takes some of the principles from those two time periods to outline what today’s GOP needs to do in order to regain political control of Congress and the White House.


  • I enjoyed some of the analysis about Reagan’s presidency. Even though I lived through those years, I was too young to understand what was going on. It’s nice to read about some of Reagan’s results from a conservative perspective rather than through the liberal lens of the mainstream media.


  • Frankly, this book was pretty boring for the most part. It took a long time for me to really get into it, especially since Hannity chose to open with the dossiers of practically every Obama appointment and acquaintance imaginable. Ugh.
  • Hannity didn’t really provide any new or interesting insights here. He basically just tells conservatives to get back to their roots. That’s not exactly groundbreaking advice, is it?


Conservative Victory by Sean Hannity doesn’t bring anything new to the table, nor does it offer the reader a unique take on Obama’s presidency. Indeed, if you’ve ever watched Hannity’s show or heard another conservative pundit rail against the president, then you already know what the basic gist of this book is. I give it 2 stars out of 5.

3 Responses to “Conservative Victory by Sean Hannity”

  1. I love both Reagan and Hannity–I may need to read this one!

  2. I watch his show every once in a while, I am not surprised about the book review though. I like Glenn Beck better, have you read any of his books? I know he has a new one out now and apparently it is doing really well.

  3. @Stephanie — I like Reagan and Hannity too, but I still thought this book was a major snooze!

    @Joanna — I have never seen Glenn Beck’s show, but I do want to check out his books. I’ll have to pick one up for my Kindle the next time I’m on Amazon.

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