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May 27, 2010

I’m currently in the middle of several books because none of them has grabbed my attention to a sufficient degree that I want to stick with it until the end. Don’t get me wrong; these still represent a far more interesting option than reading a bunch of acnepril reviews, which I spent almost all of yesterday doing, but they’re not that great. I really need a page-turner, and wish I had a go-to author whose works could provide me with that kind of read. I think Harlan Coben is probably the closest to that, so I might grab something of his soon.

At any rate, here are the books I’m trying to get through right now:

  • Hush by Kate White
  • Conservative Victory by Sean Hannity
  • The Mental Floss History of the World
  • Innocent by Scott Turow
  • Drood by Dan Simmons

I’m hoping the Mental Floss title picks up soon. I actually just started this one recently, so the book is still going over ancient civilizations. I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more once the authors get up to the 18th century or so!

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