101 Things to Do…

April 10, 2010

Sometimes I feel as though I’m just not doing enough with my life. Every day falls into the exact same routine consisting of taking care of my family and home, doing some work, and taking courses for my Master’s degree. Ho hum. We haven’t been on vacation in forever, and I barely even have a chance to leave the house most days.

In an effort to shake things up, I started looking through some of those “things to do before you die” type books. I found one called 101 Things to Do Before You Die by Richard Horne, but didn’t end up getting it because some of his suggestions included leaving a restaurant without paying the bill (um, is he really urging people to STEAL???), getting arrested (strangely enough, this was on a different page from the restaurant idea. Could’ve knocked off two birds with one stone, no?), adding some graffiti to the world (hey, another way to get arrested!), writing the Great American Novel (uh huh), and hooking up with a rock star (really?).

Look, I didn’t expect the book to be filled with practical advice like make sure you have plenty of life insurance for surviving family members or create a living will while you’re able, but come on! This book offers the most ridiculous suggestions ever!

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