Cigar Aficionado

April 29, 2010

I’m not all that into cigars myself, but a good friend of mine is. Since her birthday is coming up soon (yes, I said “her”!), I’m thinking about getting her a box of cigars as a present. Problem is, I know absolutely nothing about how to choose cigars. Back when I was younger, a group […]


The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens

April 27, 2010

Plot summary (with possible spoilers): Though the titular character is Edwin Drood, this unfinished novel revolves mostly around Drood’s uncle, John Jasper. Jasper is the choirmaster at Cloisterham Cathedral, and has a very sinister streak just below the surface. For one thing, he is an opium addict who thinks nothing of spending a night in […]


The Last Time I Saw You: A Novel

April 25, 2010

Plot summary (with spoilers): The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg tells the story of a handful of 58-year-olds who are preparing to attend their 40th high school reunion. Each one is attending for a different reason, which we learn about as the point-of-view shifts from character to character. We discover what the […]


Maritime Law

April 24, 2010

My stepfather is an attorney, so his study is full of law books. I like to browse through them once in a while, mostly because I used to be interested in the law when I was in college. I recently came across a book called Cases and Materials in Maritime Law, which sounded a bit […]


Moonlighting Magic

April 23, 2010

Moonlighting used to be my favorite television show when I was a kid. I was in junior high when the show was in its prime, and I absolutely loved the on-screen chemistry between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. It’s amazing to me that these two notoriously disliked each other off the set, as they were […]


Peach Cobbler Murder by Joanne Fluke

April 21, 2010

Plot summary (with spoilers): Shawna Lee Quinn has been a thorn in Hannah Swensen’s side ever since Shawna Lee came to Lake Eden. That’s because the displaced Georgia Peach constantly fawns over Mike Kingston, one of Hannah’s boyfriends. And to make matters worse, Shawna Lee and her wealthy sister Vanessa have recently opened the Magnolia […]


Caught by Harlan Coben

April 19, 2010

Plot summary (with spoilers): Caught is a standalone novel from Harlan Coben, which, like his other work that is not part of the Myron Bolitar series, means that it contains a bunch of characters, a couple of different major plot lines, and something that ties everything together by the time the last page is turned. […]


NY Times Bestsellers 41610

April 16, 2010

Here are the New York Times Bestsellers in a handful of the more popular categories. Hardcover Fiction: 1. SILVER BORNE, by Patricia Briggs 2. THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett 3. CAUGHT, by Harlan Coben 4. DECEPTION, by Jonathan Kellerman 5. HOUSE RULES, by Jodi Picoult Hardcover Nonfiction: 1. THE BIG SHORT, by Michael Lewis 2. […]


What Happened to Anna K by Irina Reyn

April 13, 2010

Plot summary (with spoilers): What Happened to Anna K is an updated retelling of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. As such, anyone who has read the original already knows how the major plot points play out: Anna, bored with her loveless marriage to a wealthy, older man, has an affair with a younger one. She leaves her […]


5th Horseman by James Patterson

April 11, 2010

Plot summary (with spoilers): In this fifth installment of the Women’s Murder Club, SFPD Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer and friends Claire Washburn, Cindy Thomas, and Yuki Castellano are ready to take on another serial killer in the city by the bay. This time, the killings take place at Municipal Hospital. Patients who go in for even […]