E-book Pricing

March 8, 2010

Thanks to Apple’s entry into the e-book market, prices for best-sellers can be expected to go up in the near future. Amazon.com introduced Kindle two years ago, and priced best-sellers at $9.99. But publishers whined and moaned about that price not being reflective of the work that goes into a book (or whatever).

With Apple and its iPad, expect publishers to increase the price of ebooks to $12.99 or even $14.99.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I love my Kindle because of its storage capacity, ease of use, and portability. I can read a number of different books at the same time (I’m currently in the middle of three titles right now) without having to lug around anything extra. I can take the Kindle on the deck and read it by my outdoor fireplace or slip it into a Ziploc bag and bring it to the beach.

What I will NOT do is pay $14.99 for an electronic copy of a book — especially one with highly restrictive DRM. If I buy a hardcover at the store for $30, I can read it and then loan it out to 10 friends. Or I can borrow it from the library for FREE. When I buy an ebook, I cannot share my copy unless I hand over my entire device. What a crock!!

All this price increase is gonna do is promote piracy. Just watch.

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