Vitamins for Dummies

January 18, 2010

vitamins-for-dummies I’m a fan of the “for Dummies” book series, and have several of their titles on my shelves. But when I came across this one, called Vitamins for Dummies, I just had to shake my head. Do people really need a whole book to tell them how important vitamins and minerals are? Seriously? The product description for this book says it gives information about which vitamins can help ameliorate specific conditions, such as acne or depression, which I guess would have some value to people. But still, couldn’t you just get that information off the Internet? Color me confused as to why anyone would spend money on this title!

One Response to “Vitamins for Dummies”

  1. I’m still waiting on these for dummies titles…

    how to use the bathroom for dummies

    how to eat your macdonalds for dummies

    ….let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time.

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