The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

January 16, 2010

last song nicholas sparks Plot summary (with spoilers): Seventeen-year-old Ronnie Miller is not thrilled at the prospect of having to spend the summer in North Carolina with her father and 10-year-old brother. It’s bad enough that she’ll be away from her friends and Manhattan nightlife that she’s become accustomed to; add in the fact that she hasn’t spoken to father Steve in three years because he walked out on the family, and the summer arrangement looks like a recipe for disaster. But Ronnie’s mother won’t budge.

Ronnie is determined to hate the situation, so she doesn’t even bother trying to make things easier on Steve. She goes out without telling him where she’s headed, with whom, or when she’ll be back. She hates when he plays the piano, despite the fact that she’s skilled enough for Juilliard to be interested in her, and demands that he not touch the thing when she’s around. Steve seems to understand that Ronnie is working through some things, so he rolls with the punches and doesn’t protest anything she does.

Then some drama unfolds after Ronnie starts hanging out with a girl named Blaze and her kinda/sorta boyfriend Marcus. They are part of the stereotypical “wrong crowd”, and soon get Ronnie into a heap of trouble when Blaze frames her for shoplifting after mistakenly assuming that Ronnie was trying to move in on Marcus. The amount of the merchandise puts the deed into the felony class, which could severely screw up Ronnie’s future. Even with everything else going on, Steve believes Ronnie when she says she didn’t do it, so things start to thaw between them.

To make things a little better, Ronnie meets a nice boy named Will, whom she starts dating. Their relationship is strong and manages to survive some initial trials, giving Ronnie the support she needs when she learns the devastating truth about Steve.


  • I enjoyed the moments between Ronnie and Steve. In fact, I thought this book would focus more on their relationship than anything else, which unfortunately wasn’t the case. I think it would have been a better read if this was the main storyline.
  • I’m glad that Will and Ronnie ended up together. I usually hate the main couples in Nicholas Sparks novels, but these kids seemed pretty good together. I was rooting for them by the end.


  • All the boring crap with Blaze and Marcus could have been eliminated. What was the point? Just to provide some “conflict” in Ronnie’s life? That whole storyline was terrible. I immediately went into skim mode whenever I saw their names.
  • The cancer plot was kind of “meh” and gave the book a sappy made-for-TV movie feel about it. I mean, obviously Steve wasn’t going to the doctor for something as benign as acne scar removal treatment or plastic surgery, but the cancer thing is so played out in books, ya know? Of course, after finishing, I learned that this book was written specifically as the basis for a movie starring Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear. Ugh. (Actually, I think Greg Kinnear would make a perfect Steve. But the thought of this book becoming a movie at all makes me cringe.)
  • The church window stuff was boring too. It felt like something Sparks threw in just so he could say, “Look at all the details I’ve added! Look at how I’m fleshing the characters out by giving them a purpose!” Oh, puhleeze!


I don’t know why I do this to myself. With each Nicholas Sparks book I read, I get pissed off at the result and swear it’s going to be my last. But then I always get drawn back in by good reviews, appearances on the bestseller lists, etc. It’s annoying! Anyway, The Last Song merely confirms my opinion that Sparks’ popularity is completely inexplicable. I have no idea why people like this stuff so much… I give the book 2 stars out of 5.

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  1. wow you wouldnt know a good book if landed on your face! I thought it was a great book! i think it will make an amazing movie infact, I am going to see it later today. i do agree that the cancer topic is alittle over-used but it fits in well with this story. Also, the things added in about Blaze and Marcus was also perfect. it added more detail to the story and made it all the more interesting. without it, we wouldnt know as much about Ronnie and what she was going through. Over all, i give it a 4 out of 5 stars because it kept me reading to the end and it always kept me thinking. it was also well-written and very heart-felt.

    😛 what now juliee!

  2. I love the book! It was one of my favorites ever! I thought the plat and the storyline were perfect and it could not have been any better. I definitely would give this a 6 out of 5 stars! BEST BOOK EVER!

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