Kindle Stand?

October 27, 2009

amazonkindle This is going to sound like a weird question, but does anyone sell a stand for the Kindle? I know they do for regular books, but I need something that can hold my Kindle because there are some occasions where I’d like to read without having to hold the device the entire time. Plus, sometimes it’s just easier to read when the text is at eye level rather than lying flat on the table. I know it can’t be an entirely hands-free experience because I still have to hit the page turn buttons, but then again, even with paper books I’d have to turn the pages.

Come on, they make music stands for sheet music, plasma mountsfor televisions, and regular book stands for paperbacks and hardcovers. Is there anything that will work with a Kindle? I’m telling you, if I ever come across something like that, I would buy it immediately.

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