Books or Google?

October 26, 2009

google logo Before the Internet, anytime you wanted to do any research at all, you probably had to go to the library. I’m not only talking about research for school projects; I’m also talking about when you wanted to find out such things as what beauty experts consider the best eye wrinkle cream to be or which car is the best for your budget. All of this sort of info was contained in books or magazines, and could be found at the library (or perhaps a bookstore).

But now that the Internet and Google are here, I’m wondering how many people still rely on the so-called “expert” opinions of those who write books. If you wanted to find the best wrinkle cream, would you still turn to a book, or would you simply type a search query into Google and consider the opinions of bloggers and other random strangers? How about for a more significant purchase like a car? Would you still trust a blogger’s opinion on that?

Personally, I find myself leaning on the Internet more often than not, but I do buy reference books for the important (i.e. expensive) stuff. I guess that’s as good a balance as any.

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  1. I tend to check comsumer websites. Like Which (- for example.

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