Palin Memoir Release Date

October 1, 2009

sarah palin Sarah Palin has apparently finished her memoir early. According to this FOX News article, Palin’s 400-page book, called Going Rogue: An American Life, was completed just four months after the contract was signed. Publisher Harper has now moved the release date up from spring of 2010 to November 17, 2009.

Harper is planning to run off 1.5 million hardcovers during the first printing, which is huge. But given Palin’s popularity with a certain segment of the population, there’s little doubt the book will be a bestseller.

One quibble I have with this whole deal is that Harper won’t release a Kindle edition until Dec. 26. They want to sell as many hardcovers as they can during the holiday season (because these are more profitable than ebooks), so we Kindle lovers have to wait 5 or 6 weeks longer.

Oh, well. I have a feeling the Palin memoir isn’t going to contain anything juicy anyway — not if Palin still intends to run for public office down the road, that is.

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