So You Want to Be An Insurance Agent

September 11, 2009

insurance agent My cousin is thinking about selling auto insurance at her friend’s agency part-time on weekends to supplement her income. She doesn’t know anything about the field, though, so I figured it would be nice to point her in the direction of a book or two that might help out. After all, I love looking for books, no matter what they’re about.

Anyway, I came across this one by Jeffrey Hastings called So You Want to Be An Insurance Agent. From what I’ve seen of the table of contents, it covers a lot of relevant points and so would probably be pretty helpful. The thing is, the paperback edition is listed at something like $358 and change — that’s got to be a mistake, right??? There’s no way a paperback is worth that much. Maybe I’ll just go after a different book after all!

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  1. Doubtfully a mistake. Those desiring to enter the field of selling fear and betting against your own mortality quickly discover that they are often paying the company to work for them. Many insurance companies charge you just to go to their training, then charge you to work in their offices and charge you if you don’t meet your expectations.

    I was hired by 3 different insurance companies in the past and found all to be of the lowest integrity, both, dealing with clients and employees. They were supposedly the big ones that had the highest ratings as employers and as insurance companies.

    All I can do is wish you more luck than I or my coworkers experienced.

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