Seven Pillars of Health

September 10, 2009

seven pillars of health-1 I want to lead a healthier life. Towards that end, I’ve been exercising regularly and trying to watch my diet. This is a good start, but I think I should be doing a lot more — and hopefully this book by Dr. Don Colbert can help. It’s called The Seven Pillars of Health, and talks about what Colbert considers the seven most important aspects of health: water, sleep and rest, living food (I have no idea what this means), exercise, detoxification (like a colon cleanser), supplements (vitamins), and coping with stress.

These sound like good topics, and the book has a pretty high customer rating. But it’s also written from a Christian angle, which doesn’t really apply to my life right now, so I’m kind of on the fence with this one. I’ll think about this for a while and then decide whether or not to get it with my next book order.

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