Fastest Mammal on Earth

September 10, 2009

sarah Ok, this is not at all book-related, but I couldn’t resist posting about it. I just read that an 8-year-old cheetah named Sarah, who lives at the Cincinnati zoo, beat the land-speed world record for animals — twice. She covered 100 meters in a mere 6.13 seconds, beating out the previous record of 6.19 seconds set by South African male cheetah. Sarah also recorded a time of 6.16 seconds.

If you watch the video on that link I posted above, you can see Sarah’s record-setting runs. It looks to me like she has some Ferrari parts in her or something! It’s just so incredible how blazing fast she is. Her legs are just a blur and barely even touch the ground as she scampers after whatever she’s chasing. Very cool!

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