James Patterson’s New Contract

September 9, 2009

james patterson I just read that ultra-prolific author James Patterson has signed a new deal with his publisher Hachette Book Group. The terms of the deal? While no dollar figures were disclosed, it was revealed that Patterson will churn out 17 — yes, seventeen — books over the course of three years! Can you imagine that? I couldn’t even write 17 health insurance leads in three years, but this guy is going to write 17 novels??

Then again, Patterson is known for using “collaborators”, which most people pretty much assume means that the other authors actually write the books, while Patterson simply attaches his name to the project and maybe throws some ideas around. There’s just no way in hell he’s doing an even share of the writing on these books. But I guess when you reach his level of success, there’s no reason to do the grunt work anymore. He licenses out his name and that’s that. It’s a good deal if you can get it!

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