Newcomer’s Handbook: SF and Bay Area

September 5, 2009

newcomers handbook I have a friend who is relocating to San Jose in the hopes of being able to land a job or get some work of some kind. I know that part of the country is in dire straits as well, but at least my friend will be able to stay with a relative rent-free while she looks for work, sot hat ought to take some of the stress out of the situation.

Anyway, I’m going to buy her this Newcomer’s Handbook: San Francisco and the Bay Area to help her find her way around. The book covers not only SF, but also Palo Alto, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Jose, so it should be a good one. It contains information relevant to people who live in the area, which means it’s not like those tourist guidebooks. If you want information about transportation, schools, shops, and specific neighborhoods, or are looking for recommendations for a good bar or even a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney, then this is a reference book you’ll definitely want to have.

I’ve already ordered the Newcomer’s Handbook, and will be able to give it to my friend at her farewell party in two weeks!

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