The Lost Symbol Pre-order

August 23, 2009

lost symbol I’m so excited!! After months of wrangling, Random House and have come to an agreement about the Kindle ebook version of Dan Brown’s upcoming novel The Lost Symbol. The book will now be available to Kindle users in electronic format for $9.99 on the same day that the hardcover is released (Sept. 15). I pre-ordered my Kindle copy as soon as I heard the news, and will stay up until 12am on the 15th so I can start reading as soon as the book is delivered.

I’m glad Random House came to their senses. To be perfectly honest, I don’t read physical books anymore, so here are the two scenarios that would have unfolded in my case. 1) I would have waited a week or two for a bootleg electronic version to be published and traded on p2p sites. 2) I placed a hold for the audiobook version at my public library. In other words, Random House would have gotten exactly $0 from me if they hadn’t released the book for Kindle. As it is, I’ve gladly paid my $9.99 for a legal copy of the book. See how that works, publishers??

It just boggles my mind that I can find electronic copies of everything from rv towing guides to maps of Atlantis in electronic format, but had to wait on pins and needles to see if the biggest book of 2009 would be released for Kindle. These publishers need to get into the 21st century here and see the new marketplace for what it is!

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