Upcoming Pre-Orders

May 13, 2009

lost-symbol I don’t often pre-order books from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble or whatever, but I just went and splurged on two pre-orders today. First up, I ordered The Scarecrow, the newest Michael Connelly book that will be available on May 26. After a very slow start, I ended up becoming a Michael Connelly fan, so I’m looking forward to this new book. Apparently, it’s about news reporter Jack McEvoy, not one of my favorite characters in Connelly’s repertoire, but the story sounds like it could be a good one.

The second pre-order was for Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, which won’t be released until September 15. The Lost Symbol again features Robert Langdon, and though the plot hasn’t been revealed yet, I’ve read that it features all the things that made The Da Vinci Code so much fun, including historical facts, codes, etc. Also, all the action in The Lost Symbol apparently takes place over the course of 12 short hours, which sounds like it should make for an exciting ride!

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