BTT: Windfall

April 16, 2009


Here’s this week’s Booking Through Thursday question:

Yesterday, April 15th, was Tax Day here in the U.S., which means lots of lucky people will get refunds of over-paid taxes.

Whether you’re one of them or not, what would you spend an unexpected windfall on? Say … $50? How about $500?

(And, this is a reading meme, so by rights the answer should be book-related, but hey, feel free to go wild and splurge on anything you like.)

I’ve been working really hard at my outside-the-home job for the past month, so I need a vacation in a bad way. Now that the government has lifted travel restrictions for U.S. citizens wanting to go to Cuba, I’m looking into making a trip there soon. I’m a big Ernest Hemingway fan, and as such, would love to visit the places that inspired many of his works and had so much of an influence on him.

Anyway, I’ve already seen a few travel agents offering enticing deals to Cuba. Among the deals are cheap flights, free stay offers, and discount coupons for various museums and attractions.

Even if we can’t go to Cuba in the next few months, I need to go somewhere. Heck, I’d be happy to get away to Wisconsin Dells for a couple of days!

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