Living on a Budget

March 28, 2009

living-on-a-budget My husband and I have both had our hours drastically reduced at work. I was only working a part-time schedule to begin with, so the cut there doesn’t really affect us all that much, but Jerry first lost his overtime and then went down to a 32-hour workweek. That’s making things very tight in our household, so now we’ve got to look at getting on a real budget.

We’re kind of in the middle when it comes to financial planning. On the one hand, we always live within our means and don’t overextend ourselves. We pay off our credit card balance every month, don’t owe on anything except our mortgage, and certainly won’t be needing any debt consolidation services soon. But on the other hand, we don’t keep close tabs on where our money is going, so we’re likely wasting a lot more than we realize.

Anyway, a friend recommended this Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Living on a Budget. According to Jen, the book is “realistic” in its expectations (in other words, you don’t have to track every single cent that leaves your hand, unlike with some other systems), and is very easy to understand. It’s a quick read aimed at people who want to get started on a budget now. If you’re an expert at personal finance, then obviously you’re not the target reader.

I’ve already placed my order and am looking forward to better money management!

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