Complete Price Guide to Watches

March 11, 2009

price-guide-to-watches My uncle is something of a watch collector. He just started on this hobby recently, like within the past three years or so, but already has a number of timepieces in his collection. He prefers classic pocket watches most of all, but occasionally has been known to splurge on pricier name-brand wristwatches as well.

His birthday is coming up, so I thought it would be cool to give him something related to his hobby. Since there’s no way I can afford to buy him an actual watch suitable for his collection, I decided that a book would have to do instead — which is why I’m ordering the Complete Price Guide to Watches.

This reference guide, updated annually, gives collectors lots of information about every timepiece that is produced, from Timex to Audemars Piguet. Every entry tells about the watch, lists a current value, and even shows an illustration of the piece (in most cases).

There’s lots of other helpful pages in the book as well, including a section on how to appraise watches, how to judge the quality of a particular timepiece, how watches work, and even a pronunciation guide. This is indeed a very comprehensive book that I’m sure my uncle will love!

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