Fired, Laid-Off or Forced Out

March 9, 2009

fired-forced-out Both my brother (Rob) and my stepfather have been laid off from their jobs recently, and are currently commiserating with each other about the situation. Rob is taking a far more proactive approach to this setback than my stepfather, but I guess that’s to be expected because of the age difference. I’d imagine that it’s far more difficult for a 60-year-old to want to get back in the saddle after something like this than for a 36-year-old.

Anyway, Rob just bought a book called Fired, Laid-Off or Forced Out: A Complete Guide to Severance, Benefits and Your Rights When You’re Starting Over by attorney Richard C. Busse. This is apparently the definitive guide not only for what to do after you lose your job but also how you can avoid doing so. Some of the topics covered include surviving a disciplinary action, diffusing volatile situations, preventing termination, handling the termination itself, and negotiating a severance agreement. I’m not sure if Busse tells you how to face unemployment issues such as finding affordable no medical life insurance, but he does try to show you how not to end up in that boat in the first place.

Rob is currently reading this book right now and says that there’s a lot of good information in it that is applicable whether you come from a blue-collar or white-collar professional background. So if you’re one of the 1.2 million people who have lost their jobs in 2009 alone or are on the brink of doing so, you might want to give this book a shot.

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