Wiring and Lighting

March 7, 2009

wiring-and-lighting We have boxes and boxes of books in our basement because we don’t have enough shelf space for them upstairs. Most of the titles stored away are do-it-yourself books that my husband Jerry has bought from time to time since he likes to tinker with things around the house. Sometimes it’s fun to root around in the boxes and thumb through some of these forgotten books.

For example, one of the books I came across today was all about wiring and lighting a home. It had detailed instructions about how to handle electric wiring in the house, and even though Jerry had never done any electrical work before, he was able to complete a couple of small projects thanks t this book. It also gave some ideas about light fixtures and decorative lighting, but not to the extent that you’d find in a magazine or interior decorating book.

I don’t know if this title is still in print, but it’s a useful little book for do-it-yourselfers to have on hand!

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